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In the words of SUSU, "opinions are like assholes and we all got em". You are about to listen to a lot of mine.

How old am I: 49
What is my ethnicity: Kenyan
Sexual preference: Male

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However, not everyone is open to that, or even remotely interested in connecting on a deeper level. Write for us Our Best Performers. I hated it because it was generic, repetitive, and regressive. The one who takes the single-seat in public transportation.

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Get this newsletter. With the help of a little trick. in. Belated writer, M. Sc engineer, long-time wife, mother of one, communication enthusiast. And sometimes even your subconscious minds.

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Don't worry, Be Unique has you covered! Enjoying our content but running out of time? Sara Kiani.

“don't talk to me because you' re bored. i'm not here to entertain you. and don't come to me only when you need a favor. i don't like being used.”

Adam Washburn. Open in app. Not the evil kind, just a goal for talking to anyone, in general. Open up in order to earn trust as a prep for the next step. Actively jump into conversations and make it a two-way street.

Talk boring to me

A sick pet? Usually, or almost every time in my experience, those questions always come back for you to answer as well. My mind kind of goes blank instead, which has gotten me into many awkwardly silent moments over the years. I used to be really ba d at making small talk before I came to this conclusion. A travel experience?

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Like sales reps do. Check your inbox Medium sent you an at to complete your subscription. Cognitive neuroscientist and boredom researcher James Danckert characterizes boredom as a deficiency in self-regulation.

How to tell if you’re a boring partner

An interesting question, about something intriguing. Similarly, you could benefit from interacting with someone, anyone, if you have an end goal. in Get started. Pete Ross in Age of Awareness. A visible item that captures you?

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A publication on bringing change. Scan through your scenario or conversationsto bring up something to talk about. About Help Legal. It creates a connection, which is the ultimate human experience. Becca Chavoya. A keynote at a networking event? Get the best-curated stories handpicked by our editors directly in your inbox.

The Best Way to Brag. Joe Duncan in Moments. from Be Unique. In the end, they always want to find out if you will buy or not.

How to make conversations with boring people intriguing

The key to unlocking your highest level of performance. This is where the fun begins; you enter each other's minds. Collin Burgess in The Startup. Avoid staying quiet to not lose momentum and steer the conversation towards topics that you enjoy talking about. Or sometimes even both. Hobbies are good for your health. In otherother words, I have found what makes people interesting to me.

Regardless of social skills, everyone has something that you can either influence or learn from.

You need a hidden agenda

Get started Open in app. Either way, I get a kick out of coming to a realization from talking to someone or influencing someone to do just that to me. Get started. The hardest part is to create and sustain a good talk with someone. More From Medium. That is, until or unless someone asks you a question. You need a hidden agenda.

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Ask skin-deep questions that require some thinking on their behalf. Look for things to open a discussion about. Get me outta here! Is there anything of value or at least interesting to follow up on? More from Be Unique Follow. I still do all those things, just not nearly as often as before. Sure, you could act interested and ask open-ended questions, and try to find things you have in common.

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Rachael Hope in Fattitude. Do it early before you get bored and go blankbut no too early if you know what I mean.

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Liked this read? Writes about mindset-shifting lightbulb moments in life.

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Even a mundane conversation about trivial office politics could turn into an amusing and enlightened discussion, with the help of a hidden agenda. Review our Privacy Policy for more information about our privacy practices. At least to me, it will. I rarely get fascinated by randomness.

The only thing that has changed is that I got comfortable with being outside of my comfort zone. All of which give me allergic reactions. Do it, even forcefully if you have to.