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The last time I wrote about something Ed Bouchette wrote, I was basically bombarded with comments about how he lacks virtually all credibility at this point in his journalism career. Remember when Willie Colon was never going to move inside?

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That's all water over the bridge. So we're not talking about aCurt Schilling situation here - - somebody that has his name attached and is in the media? Start New Topic. Bouchette is a total waste! Don't know how long, or why, that's been going on, but other than that we get along great. ATLSteel wrote: Can someone please explain to me why on earth I ever waste even 2 minutes reading his garbage.

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More Options. Of course, anyone whom residesin this community or follows Jim Wexell and Dale Lolley know what true journalistic integrity is.


The PG can do better than that. I don't read him. Never mind a 4th on Landry Jones and he's not played one snap of meaningful football for this club. Pretty sure I've never tweeted him directly.

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Jeff wrote: I don't read him. Like others sometimes he's right, sometimes he's wrong. He really comes off like a cranky old-man who doesn't want "the kids" on his yard. As for his work, we all write things that chat fans. Has he ever reported anything that the entire world doesn't already know. And I don't mean to throw a shot at Dulac or Bouchette; from all I've been able to tell they are probably really goodguys, fun to be around, they're certainly knowledgeable But for being in the positions they're in, boy it sure would be nice to see passion IMO, they don't feel "lucky" enough for what they have.

This isn't meant only for you, but thank you to those in your profession who do reach out to bouchette people via social media: it sounds like it can be even worse than a thankless job on many days. Bouchette blocked me too and Ihave no idea why. Interacting with the fans is part of the bouchette in that role, and he's failing at it miserably.

Honestly, about a week before the draft happens. Ed blocked me about 3 years ago. So basically I think he's an older version of Wetstone. Although I have no problem with Bouchette's writing, I've said on more than one chat that he can come across as a pompous ass at times in his chats. If I were his boss at PG, he'd be hearing from me quite a bit about his attitude.

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Plus Ed B. Wex- care to offer your opinion, or anyone else who's dealt with the dude. I think the PG does Steelers fans a great disservice. Back To Topics. Oh yeah.

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That, and like others have said, it's been a very long time since I've read something he's written that hasn't been reported by at least other sources already. It's the same with radio call in segments, for every good question or point made, you get two or three people that make you shake your head and want to change the station.

In chats or in interviews you'll even hear them admit to the fact that "oh, the draft is still a month away, I haven't even begun to look into that.

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Bouchette has a job to do and has been doing it for a long time, I just don't like his snarkiness toward fans. And that was because I said something nice about you. It's not like he's taking shots at my year-old daughter on twitter, like some other POS we all know. Can someone please explain to bouchette why on earth I ever waste even 2 minutes reading his garbage. Can't say I've ever chat anything on PG media that wasn't readily available someplace else hours if not days before. ECboy wrote: Bouchette has a job to do and has been doing it for a long time, I just don't like his snarkiness toward fans.

He's like a cranky old librarian.

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Personally, I don't need them. SteelChowder wrote: jimwexell wrote: That's all water over the bridge. Mark Madden is a complete POS. I was told what he wrote and that he deleted it. However, my biggest problem with any of those chats is the chats, half of them are retarded, it makes you wonder if the person even watches any games, or just plays a lot of Madden. So basically I think he's an older version bouchette. ColbertsAssistant Expert. Don't let little things get to you. I haven't read their tripe in over two years because, well, it's worthless.

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And other than the punter pick has he ever challenged the PTB on any personnel decisions. A When you have a community like this one that exists here, what on Earth would the PG ever be able to supplant?

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Years ago he trashed my sister in a column. But Ed is that way nearly ALL of the time anymore whenever I hear him have any interaction with the fanbase chats, radio spots, etc. I get better Steeler information at the barbershop. His snide comments regarding just about everything and his lack of knowledge about Brice bouchette role on the team last season is remarkable.

Has he ever reported anythingthat the chat world doesn't already know. Ed offers both side of the coin. Jim might go to bat for Bouchette, but he seems like a pompous butt hole. He's not shy to call something out that isn't popular. It's definitely turned me off from reading pretty much anything from him. The PG can do better than that Well, Ed and I had a bad period between us, and he still does things that bother me, and I him, no doubt, but I think he's a great guy.

When does their draft preparations start? Just checked and he and Dulac have me blocked on twitter. So we're not talking about a Curt Schilling situation here - - somebody that has his name attached and is in the media?

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I agreed, he also gives them a hard time on the 3rd rounder on Archer, but thats it. Agree on his tone, and he also is off base or flat wrong on too many things for a beat guy. Most of the hosts are a lot more patient than I would be.