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Our goal is to give you the information you need to find the right chat room for what turns you on most. All of the sites listed below focus on sex and adult conversations, but they all have their own vibe.

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Adults are chatting online from all over the world, so come experience this form of free adult entertainment. Flirt online, swap sexy pics and the adult discussions any time of the day or night. There are no restrictions at all!

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Sitemap Nav. Share the Love! Phone Sex. Live Guys. We work really hard to ensure privacy is a principle that affects how we do everything here. Even though we limit some of the things that are permitted to be discussed in the open lobbies of our chat system, we do offer space for some taboo subjects to be discussed in other rooms within the chat.

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Need Help? We have had many great public debates about how things should be, and the rules that govern the chat rooms here are from lots of people's input.

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Live Girls. We do place some restrictions on the types of things that are permitted to be discussed in our chat rooms.

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In the beginning most of our visitors were looking for just sex chat, and there was little demand for community features. Principles Free Speech We are proud supporters of free speech around the world.

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Live Video Sex Chat. We have rolled out a members profile area where people can create a profile similar to facebook and tumblr. Bookmark Us! X Marks Delicious Google Bookmarks. There were still plenty of people who came to the site who were only looking for quick video sex chat, so we added some more options for checking out live video previews from some of our favorite professional portals. We really try to be as fair as possible with our visitors, and show respect for those who visit our site.

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We look forward to adding even more to this great community that has developed and hope that other like minded adults will continue to enjoy the discussion options that have been available here for years, and the new ones that are coming. Some web sites take the easy way out with regards to privacy, we spend a lot of time and energy to maintain it as much as possible, and will continue to do so. In the peeps section you can share in public groups, send private on site like messages to other members, photos, and more. No registration required sex chat with thousands of people many many miles away puts a bit of strain on things, but we have worked diligently to keep things up and running.

We continue to modify how our technical systems run as well.

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When this site launched we hacked together many pieces of our envisioned puzzle and started testing options and asking for feedback. Over time more and more people found their way to the free chat rooms, and we started to see a growing amount of people who just wanted a sexy place to enjoy some chat with other people.

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We have made it through some pretty tough times and have made our systems better, and faster, and continue to work to improve everything here. Taking suggestions from our regular users, we created easy ways to enter directly into the gay sex chat rooms, lesbian action, and several others on the free sex chat rooms.

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This web site was started in when Jmes and Nash were talking about the various sex chat options that other web sites offered. You can learn more about our options for private and public questions about the moderating, and complaints about the moderators here. We have grown quite a bit over the years, and during some periods of time that growth has come with some growing pains. For years we have had a pretty robust chat system that has allowed for global instant communication for thousands of people all around the world, all day and all night.

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Becoming a mobile friendly web site was not even a consideration when this place was originally built, but we noticed more and more requests for mobile friendly cell phones, tablets, netbooks, etc chat inand started to recode things for more mobile friendly features. For years we have hosted our own java chat rooms that allow for smooth and fast discussions with hundreds of people online at the same time.

Even though we limit some subjects from being discussed in our chat rooms, we do still advocate for everyone's right to uncensored free speech.

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Over all these years we have never turned on functions to have our web server auto-record the private conversations between users, and we go to great lengths to ensure that as little as possible is stored about our visitors and their use of our systems. We decided to make some of the regular chatters moderators, and started to add new rules for use of the text chat rooms. Toggle SC2. We have also been working to build new options as technology advances and people's desires evolve.

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History This web site was started in when Jmes and Nash were talking about the various sex chat options that other web sites offered. We are pretty transparent about the rules for the chat roomsand we follow them too. We continued to change up our chat room moderators, and add new rules and established a list of etiquette as things came up within the community.

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Our privacy policy not only covers information about how we handle user data, but also information about securing your data and privacy around the web in general, as well as links to other important information for taking control of your online history, and more. The few web sites where we found actual open free chat rooms seemed to have issues and limitations that made them not as fun or community oriented that we were expecting. Even though we strongly feel that anyone should be able to share anything that is one their mind, we do believe that certain things should only be shared in the proper places.

We are proud supporters of free speech around the world. Some people really enjoy the professional cam girls and guys that we promoted, and some really just wanted to find other non-professional people to jump into some video sex chat via yahoo cams chat, skype, etc.

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We jumped into our free text chat room and were quite surprised to see dozens of people engaging each in other regular conversations. Fairness and Respect We really try to be as fair as possible with our visitors, and show respect for those who visit our site. We strongly encourage everyone to read our entire privacy policy and information. We have experimented and attempted to roll out many different chat options over the years, many of them failed for one reason or another, and some we are continuing to enhance to make them more user friendly.

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Some of these decisions were not made easily, and after many discussions and debates with other users here. You can get details about the restrictions by visiting our chat room rules and etiquette. We promote discussions about free speech, and tools that people can use to share their thoughts with the rest of the world.

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At that time we were unaware that groups of people had started to use the text chat for extended periods of time and on a regular basis. After spending a few years helping others establish adult web sites and browsing the free and paid options of other portals, we decided we could offer more than the average commercial porn site.

Many people have enjoyed our no registration sex chat rooms as a way to get in quick and find people to flirt with.

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We liked certain elements of the big commercial video chat sites, yet we preferred the personalized feel of the amateur cam girls web sites, and other personal web sites. Our moderators have rules to follow, and we have methods for users to question our policies and how they are enforced as well. Privacy has always been a big focus for us here.

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Learn more about our privacy policy here. We ask the same of those who choose to use our services. This affects decisions that are made in how we code our web site eg disallowing most third party scripts when possible — to the rules that we place on how our moderators handle situations. Peeps Social Section. Privacy Privacy has always been a big focus for us here. Most of the cyber sex occurs via private messaging, or in private rooms, but there are some rooms where open sexual discussions occur within the group open chat in that room as well.

After being online for some time, we started to get a few s from users asking for moderators in the free text chat rooms.