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I encourage most of them to this forum, since I think it can benefit them greatly. It's active in the way most IRC chat channels are active: A lot of people hang out there without ever saying anything. At one point of my Latin chatting, many years ago, I felt as though I was stagnating.

Anyway, when speaking about a full blown Latin conversations, one ultimately wants to have a full blown Latin conversations in his head with the native speakers as you read them. Search fora.

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The advantage of an IRC client over the web application: custom fonts: both type and size custom colors: both of fonts and the background stability the web application could disconnect of freeze some cool functions the ability to log to save all the conversations that happen.

I wanted to contribute to this forum so much that I wouldn't be considered later on an intruder while potentially advertising a place of my own, even though not another Latin forum!

Fora New posts Search fora. That's why I think this is not a harmful or inappropriate chat for me to do. Pacifica grammaticissima Staff member. Thread starter Godmy Start date Aug 17, Spoiler: An Apology for this post directed to the regular members of the forum and explanation of my motives I must confess: Six years ago, when I registered here on this forum, I did it originally for one and only purpose.

Yes, they were humans, yes, they were westerners, but the things they talk about, the context they talk about, the way they phrase stuff, it's something you will never see in any other modern language, relatively to those languages it's all pretty much alien, strange and unpredictable, it adds an incredible latin of difficulty to the learning, it instantly makes it much more difficult than any modern language no matter how hard [from the second speakers' point of view] the grammar of that chosen modern language is.

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Thank you! Bitmap dixit:. This place was "unofficially" mentioned here several times already by various people and it never caused anything wrong, so this is the very first time that I dare to make an official post. Bitmap Civis Illustris.

There is "Latin" and "Latin" today in the learning circles. In 6 years I never got to that or never felt confident enough. Log in Register. Search titles only.

Members Current visitors. Many just idle, but many others are interested in conversation or are learners of Latin. But over the years I sent countless people this way to LatinD anytime they chat to have either too sophisticated discussion that requires time or if they wanted a translation of a phrase into Latin.

Beautifully said, Godmy, and how very true! I mean, if you read, I don't know, Erasmus, it's just as good ;p. Although then some neo-Latin contributions - if they aren't a mean to an end such as Harrius Potter which he latin is unfit for Latin - the "wrong" goal are in my opinion a "contribution to the immortal literature" because one needs just one language to read everything that has been written in the past years.

Exactly what is dating that is casual?

Luigi Miraglia's approach is the right one: if you want to speak about Coca-cola, use the love-making English. We talk about Latin in Latin. The live chat is so fundamentally different: the discussion is quick, but it never is comparable to a quality thread where people take time to make quality posts, make research, discuss things ad infinitum sometimes even for years.

Yes, a good chat will or may phrase his sentences in a pretty convoluted way, but at the end, it won't be different than reading any modern language, because neither you neither him have been sent years back in time into a different world with different concepts, different kind of civilization, it's all very familiar stuff Anyway, I'm ranting But this is pretty latin what I tell anybody who starts putting learning some foreign challenging languages on par with Latin: unless you picked another dead language, there is NO comparison, nothing is ever as difficult!

It is an immortal language and as such is for discussing eternal things, things that are important, not for describing what you have had for breakfast today. It's active when I'm online, since I'm an especially chatty person you could say a typomaniacbut if there is noone to chat to, I'm not online or I just don't want to However, this strategy, Rudismay work only if you already have a good grasp of the Latin grammar and latin - then you can chat up to a full blown conversation, but if you are like a tabula rasa, there is no Latin community in the world that could provide you with such an extensive immersion for you to work up to a "full blown conversation".

Some of us turn slightly pale when the talk turns to IRC clients. I just ed. Neither do I understand all that fuss about neo-Latin and the necessity of inventing new words.

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But since that I learnt at least that a chat and a forum don't compete. It is just too different. Is it still active?

I must say that I have had in the past some issues with Luigi's argumentation on this matter in his Latin talks because it seemed to me he might be a bit hypocritical as a leader of an academy where you are banned since the day two to talk about cookies and washing dishes in other language than Latin, on the other hand, I suppose it's for him a mean to end. And then some people seek a live conversation, and are content with less quality but quick answers.

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And all of this is absent in the neo-latin. My talking partners wouldn't have a habit of reading the Latin literature, it seemed to me I wasn't learning anything new anymore, I stopped seeing the utility in it I saw at the beginning where everything felt new. Terry S. Quaestor Staff member. On the other hand, having a good active ability of the language makes you possibly a more efficient passive user if you have in your head an infallible superfast inflection machine Mafalda Civis Illustris.

Godmy dixit:. The first channel has right now around 50 people. Why is the web link not recommended? I even almost relinquished this forum for good many times, without having any regrets for not having done something I had once wanted to do.

I would also mention, that in Latin, having a full blown conversation is actually Ultimately, you want to be able to read fluently all Latin authors from Rome, through the middle-ages up to renaissance sometimes even later and especially the Roman literature the "native" Latin literature feels pretty much like talking to ehm, reading an alien civilization.

Some forum members as Pixie already visited the place. You must log in or register to reply here.

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I do active Latin a few times a week, but my tutor's approach is very sensible. Sometimes we have to use a few neologisms to stay in the language if I have computer problems - he never does, only me But that's it.

Ah, well, it's simply that the web application is not so reliable and you can't customize the fonts, colors, background color if you like e. Rudis Member. You know, I have always thought that you do not need Latin if your interests are not beyond your everyday needs.

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What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in. I even think that I stopped considering this being an important thing to do after some time or forgot the goal completely as something that I don't really care so much about anymore.

I do certainly have problems with certain online active Latin [chat] communities and I say that as once [or still] a head of one where often beginners feel as though they are mastering the language by treating it SOLELY as a modern language exchanging conversational pleasantries, phrases with some friends - they feel as though Latin is really nothing else but just another 'conversational' language they can acquire just from their friends.