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PTSD UK is the only charity in the UK dedicated to raising awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder — no matter the trauma that caused it. PTSD can affect anyone who has been exposed to a traumatic event — an event which provoked fear, helplessness, or horror in response to the threat of injury or death and therefore can affect anyone. We are a small charity so our main goals at the moment are to increase awareness that we exist so people can get the support and information they need and to maximise fundraising to allow us to achieve our mission of supporting everyone in the UK affected by PTSD, no matter the trauma that caused it.

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By: Steven Finkelstein. Living with post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD presents many challenges. There are multiple methods for managing the condition, and PTSD chat rooms are foremost among them. In this article, we'll go over the attributes of such chat rooms, and we'll also review some other methods through which you can cope with the symptoms and challenges PTSD presents. PTSD is short for post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Ariadne Apr 8, Replies 7 Views Apr 9, Ariadne. Is it PTSD, or something else? What's new New posts Latest activity. BTWThomas65 Apr 6, Replies 6 Views Apr 9, Tylrwb. Replies 25 Views PTSD and blocking most events out.

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Mr S Mar 13, Mar 14, SunnyDaze. Can't remember my time in the ICU?? If you'd like to talk with people who know what it's like now Our forum members are people, maybe like yourself, who experience mental health difficulties or who have had them at some point in their life. Search forums. Replies 1 Views 10K. Petty problem, but still. If you'd like to talk with people who know what it's like now. HeleneLica Feb 18, Unanswered thre. Is this PTSD? Tae85 Apr 2, Apr 4, Tae Replies 9 Views Mar 28, lucynah. StrawberryCat Feb 13, Mar 4, StrawberryCat. Could this be PTSD?

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Not well at all. Log in. Filters Show only: Loading…. Fragile Mar 19, Apr 8, HisWife. Thre 75 Messages Healthy Coping Skills. Jun 2, Deleted member Normal Thre. Hobbies for while in therapy for trauma.

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Helping someone with PTSD. Search titles only. Retaw Mar 9, Mar 10, Retaw. SicklyBloom Wednesday at PM. Replies 2 Views Is it just me? Callalily Mar 22, 2. Jan 24, Skyblue. Replies 5 Views Mar 5, oncebitten.

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Forums New posts Unanswered thre Search forums. Sticky Anxiety Scams. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Forum. Zhile Mar 11, Mar 11, 00Bluejay was Scapes Living on the edge.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd)

PaleRider13 Mar 8, Mar 8, PaleRider Was this rape?. Unagi Mar 9, Mar 9, Desire less.

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Tylrwb Apr 9, Replies 8 Views Apr 16, SunnyDaze. Replies 4 Views Mar 17, EclipticNight. Sticky Coping With Flashbacks. Replies 16 Views 12K.

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Apr 8, migraine. Jandy Mar 23, Mar 26, ht Combination antidepressants therapy question. Replies 13 Views Thursday at PM babyblue Trying to deal with a roommate that has PTSD and other issues. AnxiousTania Mar 22, Mar 22, Desire less.

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Our forum members are people, maybe like yourself, who experience mental health difficulties or who have had them at some point in their life. Moodypebble Apr 7, Apr 8, Moodypebble. New posts.

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How do I stop these nightmares and sleep well again. Hi I am claire diagnosed with pstd was on a crossing in September when green Man was on cars stopped then a car came speeding through taking me out.

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Home. Log in Register. Tawny Apr 11, Replies 14 Views Apr 13, SunnyDaze. KayT Apr 5, Replies 3 Views Apr 15, Captin Replies 1 Views Apr 14, HisWife. Mr S Mar 15, Mar 16, kimidare.

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Sticky Thread.