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Subscriber active since. Snapchat is a smartphone app you can use to send a picture or video of yourself to a friend. It's big with the kids, and increasingly, the rest of us.

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SO-CALLED perishable pictures are enticing teens to share inappropriate photos of themselves in the belief the images will vanish after being viewed. Snapchat is a smartphone app that lets users send their friends photos or videos, and add captions or doodles. Once the sent files are opened, the recipient can see the images for up to 10 seconds before the message self-destructs. Although the app does not save users' images, many smartphones can capture the photos by recording the contents displayed on the screen. Concerns have been raised about the app being used for "sexting" - sending sexually suggestive or naked photos.

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The new de will rollout soon. A quick search of "Snapchat update" in Twitter le to hundreds of tweets from frustrated users. For now, it's mostly causing anger. Can we help answer any questions about the new layout?

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We are sorry you feel this way! How do i get rid of the new Snapchat update its trash!!!!!

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Mashable chatted with a dozen Snapchat users on what they liked and didn't like about the update. When asked about pros and cons, one Canadian college student responded over Twitter direct message with, "I have a lot of cons.

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The general consensus: Bring old Snapchat back. The automatic update is live in Australiathe U. But it hasn't rolled out everywhere yet — most noticeably, to its largest market the U. Maybe American users should be thankful, because so far the aren't pretty. Here's why.

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Snapchat declined to comment on when the update will roll out in the U. We're using cookies to improve your experience. This looks awful and is annoying to navigate. The Discoveronce a section for a dozen media partners, now includes celebrities and sections of Snap Maps.

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Find out more. This looks awful and is annoying to navigate — Jaxtorr HooverJaxton January 11, Not to worry!

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When Facebook introduced the News Feed inusers created Facebook Groups dedicated to protesting the change. The biggest changes include adding more algorithms and removing the Stories.

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Hi Gracie! Snapchat announced the rede in October and spoke with outlets, including Mashableon what it would look like.

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Snapchat's rede was meant to make the app easier. On Thursday, Snapchat users in Canada were surprised with the new de.

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All friends' Stories are now available on the left side of the app and are listed by frequency of conversation, not necessarily chronologically. Tech Like Follow. For Snapchat, the update is a major push to make the app easier to use and therefore inspire more engagement from new and old users. The changes to Discover is a bid to social influencers and celebrities, who may be able to get more followers this way.

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