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What is it? Ketamine is a powerful anaesthetic.

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Video length: Four short videos, each under 2 minutes. They focus specifically on the effect of these substances on the neurochemical processes within the brain. Drugs on the Brain is an engaging series of animated videos that provide brief, factual information about four illegal drugs.

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This is because your body and mind does not have time to fully recover in between sessions. Take small amounts of the drug, let it get into your system and see how you feel. Some drugs might take longer than others before you feel an effect - so be prepared for a bit of a delay.

Short term effects

Never leave a mate alone. The best way to avoid a drug comedown is not to take any drugs in the first place. However, we recognise that people might use drugs and it's important to know the facts in an effort to keep yourself safer.

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You may also experience emotional or psychological symptoms such as:. You might experience nausea and or sickness.

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If you are in a cycle of drug use using drugs most weekends the comedown may negatively impact your mental health. Coming Down. There is no right or wrong way to experience a comedown. It is important to explain what you have taken and the symptoms you are experiencing.

Harm reduction information

Medical Help. A safe, stress-free environment. Orange juice for vitamin C. Sleep and rest. Support from friends.

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Get help and advice about a wide range of issues. Allow time before you re-dose.

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NHS Coming Up. You might experience nausea and or sickness It's difficult to dose drugs. Taking drugs can be unpredictable and you might not have the same experience every time. Samaritans Provide emotional support to anyone in emotional distress, struggling to cope, or at risk of suicide. What goes up - must come down!

Longer term effects

Age, weight, gender, ethnic background and even how tired you are all play a part in how drugs affect you specifically. Tell your pals what you have taken and how much you are taking. Know the layout of where you are, for example, in a club, make sure you know where the exit, toilets and staff are and arrange a meeting point with your group if you need help. If you need medical help, you can use the services below.

Further Information.

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Here are some essential things you may need when coming down: Time to recover Support from friends A safe, stress-free environment Water Orange juice for vitamin C Sleep and rest A good laugh. Coming Up Safely.

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Have a bottle of water to hand to avoid dehydration. Time to recover. If you have just taken drugs and you feel unwell, do not be scared to get emergency medical help.

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A good laugh. The best approach is to recognise that your body and mind are still feeling the effects of drugs and they need time to wear off - this could take days. If you are feeling mentally unwell, you can contact the following organisations for advice and support. A come up is when the effects of the drug you have taken begin to take place in the body.

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Comedown Essentials. Make sure your phone is charged and has credit before going out. Here are some essential things you may need when coming down:.

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The amount your friend takes might not be the right amount for you. If you have never taken a drug before, it is important for you to research its effects so you know what to expect.

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Don't wander off by yourself, stay with people you know. A comedown is the feeling you get when the drugs begin to wear off. Have a look at the links below for further reading and information. You are not alone.

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Physical symptoms could include:. Start low and go slow. We have put together some information to inform you about coming up:. Mental Health Support. It's difficult to dose drugs. Try to have a sober sitter, especially when using hallucinogenic drugs.